"We are...

A family run Business, based in the Centre of England and adjacent to the Motorway Network.

Experienced and qualified in Production Management, specialising in Manufacturing and Logistics Solutions. With many years of listening, learning and providing solutions to many Manufacturing environments, and Worldwide Distribution of Products.

'Masters' of the management of 'Panic Situations' requiring an objective, common sense and cost effective method of executing the problem solving solutions. People who can rely upon to 'get the job done' professionally and efficiently.

committed to...

...fulfilling the Quality of Service that is demanded in today's Supply Chain Management.
...providing a 'World Class Service' at a competitive price.
...'De-stressing' supply problems, so that you can concentrate on your core business activities.

serving you."

In providing a reliable door to door 'Express' and Contract Delivery Service.
As an extension of your Business 'Mission' of serving your Customer Requirements.
In providing Consultant Services in Production Control, Manufacturing Systems and Logistics, and thereby adding value to our business relationship.

In our ability to Quality Check to Manufacturing Specification, Package and Deliver your Products directly to your customer.

In our ability to Re-Validate to the correct Quality Specification and Products found at fault within your Customers' Warehouse or Subcontractor facilities.

At whatever time, or whenever you require our Services.
(Weekends/ Early mornings / Late nights / Shut down or Holiday periods)