Dear Customer,

Websites these days are very important everyday tools for the Business world.
I find myself requiring support of younger folk who are more computer literate and flexible in their approach to communication styles and media, to enhance and create a more stylish report in words and pictures, to demonstrate exactly what we do each day for our customers. The electronic visual age has taken over, and we have to evolve to it's ever changing activities and design, and try not to be left behind in the race to win new business and in today's challenging marketplace.

Throughout my professional career I have always been a 'hand on' manager who has achieved a successful career progression to Directorship level in my chosen field of operation and facilitation. Expertise in Manufacturing and Logistics.

I have held Senior posts within the Manufacturing facilities and have experience in the Travel Goods and Hardware, Construction, and Automotive Sectors of Industry.
My scope of responsibilities have been immense and varied, and I understand the complex nature of demands made upon modern businesses.

My 'hands on' ability has gained me much knowledge and experience in Metal Forming, Metal Finishing, Plastic Moulding, and combined with the strict Quality Standards attached to each of these processes, together with Packaging, Storage, Transport and Distribution to Worldwide Markets, enables me to contribute effectively to any Organisation.

My motivational and personnel skills have enabled many opportunities for younger people to successfully expand their knowledge and skills within industry, and enabled older colleagues to fulfil personal ambitions and achieve improved job satisfaction. These skills have been developed and utilised also within the Charity Sector through my involvement over thirty years at Local and National level within the YMCA movement.

I believe in the principles of 'Commitment' and 'Service'. Those ideals have formed the basis of my personal life. I expect my customers to experience such values whenever my company is called upon to service your requirements in whatever capacity.

"We are committed to serving you."

Richard Grainger