BK61 Combo Van

Vauxhall Combo Van

Capacity: 500kgs
VK63 - Renault Master Van 1500kgs

Vauxhall Movano Van

Capacity: 1500kgs
BV67 - Renault Master Van 1400kgs

Renault Master Van

Capacity: 1400kgs
BX07 Master Van 1200kgs

Renault Master Van

Capacity: 1200kgs
BX58 - 7.5 tonne Midlum

Renault 7.5 Tonne Midlum

Capacity: 3000kgs
BX60 - 18 Tonne Premium

Renault 18 Tonne Premium

Capacity: 10,000kgs
BX11 - 26 Tonne Premium

Renault 26 Tonne Premium

Capacity: 15,000kgs

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